Our expert doctors use a variety of techniques for adjusting your neck, back, and extremities. Adjustments are shown to have a variety of benefits. These benefits include increased range of motion, decreased muscle spasm, decreased pain levels, and improved overall function.

What Exactly is an Adjustment?

Adjustments are the most common form of treatment used by chiropractors. Our doctors pride themselves on administering the most effective and gentle treatment possible. 

Adjustments are high velocity, low amplitude manipulation of joints. This rapid motion causes temporary gapping of joint surfaces and allows for therapeutic effects to take place. The effects are mentioned above. As a result, patients feel much better following adjustments.

A fair warning! If you come to the clinic already in pain, there is unfortunately a chance that the adjustment may cause some discomfort. Generally this only last a few seconds.

Diversified/Manual Adjustments

Our doctors most commonly uses manual adjustments and patients are most familiar with this method. It uses manipulation by the doctors hands and commonly produces the “pop“. Our elite doctors do what they can to make sure your adjustments are gentle. An adjustment delivered in this manner can be unsettling the first time and our doctors realize this. They will be patient with you and walk you through the entire process. You are more than welcome to stop the treatment at any point! Our primary concern is you, the patient, and your comfort!

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Thompson Drop Adjustments

The drop method is an assisted technique. As a result of this assistance, it is lower impact, and more reliant of natural spinal motion. Initially, the table will elevate your hips, lower, or mid-back. Then, your physician will methodically press on your hips or back, causing you to feel a short drop accompanied by the sound of the drop piece. Finally, the low-impact drop will mimic your spines natural motion. This will aid your body in restoring the motion needed to function. Generally speaking, there is no associated “pop.”

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Activator/Impulse Adjusting Instruments

This method of adjustment is low impact. The activator is based on speed and not so much on force. The IAI will deliver a set of rapid impulses to move your joints before your body tightens up. Patients who have bone weakening disorders, or are just nervous about their adjustment will better respond to IAI. However, medical research states the IAI is just as effective as the manual or drop table adjustments. The IAI produces none of the characteristic “pops.”

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Below are a couple examples of typical chiropractic adjustments.


As with any procedure, there are risks of care. Most commonly soreness will arise following your adjustment. This is normal and may last 1-2 days. You will feel the same type of soreness post-exercise. If you begin to experience symptoms following your care, please contact us  if you are worried. The worst case scenario includes worsening of symptoms due to muscle memory re-pinching nerves or recompressing joints.

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There have been questions on the effectiveness of care. There are those who claim adjustments are ineffective. In contrast, there is much research in the chiropractic field supporting effectiveness. Our patients are our walking testimonies. You can give us a call today and see for yourself! We look forward to hearing from you.