DMX/Digital Motion X-ray

Digital Motion X-Ray, or DMX  is a new and innovative form of diagnostic imaging. Digital x-rays allow the doctors to see your x-rays in real time motion while exposing you to less radiation. This imaging tool is useful in the diagnosis of whiplash injuries after a car accident. Digital imaging will reveal injuries that would otherwise be invisible to your physician. Imaging will reveal injuries including hidden sprains, fractures, or altered motion in the joints.

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Not all cases require a DMX, and in fact very few do. This imaging does not mean  your condition is severe. Instead it reveals hidden factors in your body that hinder proper care. Your doctor will identify the problem following the imaging, and from there be able to properly treat you. However, your doctor will refer if need be. 

Digital X-ray is never a first line treatment option. Therefore, our doctors use plain film x-rays, before digital motion. Our doctors will exhaust every possible treatment and method in order to get you better.

More information is available on normal imaging if you are curious. Click here to learn more or contact us!

Digital Motion X-Ray | Seattle Back Pain, By Energize Chiropractic

More information can be found at the digital motion x-ray homepage.

Our doctors do not have direct access to MRI, CT, or other advanced imaging. Certain factors determine the referral for advanced imaging. Mechanism of injury will determine severity. Your doctor will determine if further imaging is required. At that point, he will direct you where you need to be.