We have started to take more photos of our doctors and team. We want everyone to know what’s going on in our clinic! Therefore, we have decided to make an online gallery! We want to capture these moments and share them with our wonderful patients. In addition, you can find more photos on our facebook pageWhile here, meet our team and our doctors!

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Our team regularly adds more photos. Check back often to see what’s going on!

Dr. Carroll’s Office. This is here you will have your examination and treatment.

Our beautiful waiting area where you will remain until the doctor is ready for you.

The therapy bay where patients lay on the hydromassage or traction beds. Always a patient favorite!

The combination therapy machine. This unit will administer therapeutic ultrasound and different waveforms of electrical stimulation.

Decompression therapy

The lobby where you will wait until you see the doctors.

Our information on the front door.

Ms. Becky and Ms. Julie both hard at work in the front office. They are the face of our clinic. Therefore, you will be seeing a lot of these two!

X-ray services are available on sight to visualize underlying pathology. Our doctors will determine if you are a candidate for x-ray or not. Due to radiation exposure, our doctors take x-rays only when necessary. Therefore, not all patients will receive x-rays. In addition, tell your doctor know if you are pregnant or may be pregnant if x-rays are required.

The first of our 3 massage rooms 

Our second massage room

The third and final massage room

We have everything in our clinic, including the kitchen sink!

On April 19, 2018, Dr. Carroll had a group of homeschooled children and their parents for a field trip to the clinic. As a result, they got to learn about what a chiropractor is, what they do, and got to see an actual adjustment take place! In addition, the children saw all of the cool equipment here on site. 

Dr. Carroll represented Elite/Advanced Chiropractic May 4, 2018 at Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo.

Check back as we continue to add more photos to the gallery!