Massage Therapy

Here at Advanced Chiropractic Care, the best medical massage therapists in the River Valley are on site. They are here to help you get back to health and optimal functionality. They are proficient in their fields, and excel in their specialty. Give us a call today to get in with any of our therapists.

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Medical massage therapy and chiropractic care complement each other. Both therapies work together, creating a synergistic effect that results in a much faster recovery time. The goal is to expedite recovery times while simultaneously decreasing muscular adhesions, breaking up scar tissue, and promote lymphatic flow. Massage stimulates increased blood circulation to the area. Increased blood flow introduces fresh nutrients. Fresh nutrients increase healing rates.

Massage is both a preventive and restorative therapy. Therefore, when used in combination, it will assist you in reaching your optimal health so that you can live the life you want without any limitations.

Massage therapy is great for recovering from physical injuries due to car accidents, sports injuries, or a variety of other causes. Therapy stimulates the immune system. Your body’s natural energy is able to heal itself. And we can’t ignore the fact of the luxury, it just feels great!

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Some Insurances will even pay to cover when prescribed by our doctors as an adjunct to your care. Not all insurance companies will do this. Call us and ask our elite front desk beforehand. Our team will discover if your insurance covers medical massage.

What’s the Difference?

Standard massage therapists focus on relaxation massage. A “feel good” massage. Medical massage is prescribed with the intent on treating a condition that has previously been diagnosed by a physician. Medical massage therapists use manual techniques to reduce pain and normalize tissue tension. Subsequently, scar tissue destruction and releasing tight muscles allows for proper biomechanics.

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