Meet Our Team!

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Thank you for taking the time to meet our team! Our team is the pride and joy of advanced chiropractic care! They control the flow of our traffic and will be the first ones you see and talk to!

Carla Kirkwood

Mrs. Carla has been with us since the very beginning. She is our office manager and the backbone that keeps us going! Her time here is a testament to her love for the clinic and our patients!

Diana Plank

Diana is our second in command who helps oversee the day to day tasks and direct the clinic. She has multiple years under her belt working here at Advanced.

Kelsey Clayton

Kelsey is the sweetheart of the clinic and one of our valued assistants. You will likely see her when having therapy performed, scheduling, or checking out!

Jade Pena

Jade is another one of our valued assistants who brings a joyful spirit with her everyday she comes into work!

Bailey Fargo

Bailey is our third assistant who you will likely interact with just as much as our doctors. She brings a whole new spice of life to the clinic!

Joni Bastin P.T.

Dr. Joni is our physical therapist who perform PT evaluations on our patients before prescribing treatment plans for our patients. She has years of knowledge in physical therapy and has been a crucial addition to our clinic. Not to be confused with the therapeutic exercises prescribed by our doctors.

Misty McBride PTA

Misty is our physical therapy assistant who, under the recommendations of Dr. Joni, will help you to perform your exercises and apply passive modalities.

Our clinic is truly elite and we are growing everyday. Give us a call today and see why we’re to highest and most recommended clinic in the river valley!