Meet Our Team!

We here at Advanced strive to make your visit the best that we possibly can! Your appointment shouldn’t be just an office visit, it should be an experience. Our goal is to give you the best experience with chiropractic and get you feeling better. We achieve that with the help of our amazing team. Below we have a few members pictured. Not shown below are Mr. Harold Campbell, Ms. Wendy Rodan, and Ms. Katelyn Ludlow. If you’d like to know more about our Elite doctors or massage therapists , click the corresponding links!

Top Left to Right: Dr. Gabriel Carroll D.C., Jordan Johnson LMT, Gena Sims LMT, Dr. Jim Schilling D.C.

Bottom Left to Right: Miranda Cox LMT, Becky Tomes, Jackie Smith, Cassie Thomas LMT, Carla Kirkwood

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Advanced is more than a team, we’re a family. Together, we work for you, the patient.

Becky and Carla

Becky and Carla have been with Dr. Schilling since he first started in practice. They are truly the best of the best and fit perfectly on our Elite team. Carla is our wonderful office manager who oversees the clinic. Becky is our expert with insurance and billing.

Mr. Sam Hill is one of our assistants and certified personal trainer. He aids with insurance, billing, therapy, and therapeutic exercise. Native to Van Buren, he and his wife have ambitions of attending Med school to become doctors themselves.

Ms. Julie Do has become an integral part of our team. Julie started in early-to-mid 2017. She is one of our great assistants who helps with insurance and aids in therapies.


Mr. Harold and Ms. Kandace are both graduates of the Fort Smith School of Massage. They both began in early 2018 and have fit perfectly into our Elite team! They both are currently accepting new clients and excel in their fields!

Ms. Wendy Rodan joined our team in August as a medical massage therapist. She was voted “Best of the Best” in Fort Smith for massage in 2017 and one of the runner ups in 2018. She will fit in perfectly with Elite.

Ms. Elaine Lister joined our team in February 2019! She is a welcomed part of our team and will be assisting our doctors as a C.A. She has spent many years in the chiropractic field working with patients and already has great hands on experience.

In March 2019 we were able to bring on Mrs. Misti McBride! She is our physical therapist and is available for rehab co management on Tuesday and Thursday! She is an excellent fit to the team and we will enjoy her growing with us.

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