We believe in getting you out of pain by treating the cause. Remember, pain is not a problem, it is the result of a problem. We begin care with a passive phase of care using therapies. Once pain has normalized or become tolerable, we will walk you through home rehab exercises. These exercises stabilize and strengthen the affected area. The goal of these exercises is to prevent re-injury, progression, and fix the problem at the source.

This page will discuss a few of the more common issues we see and how we treat them. 

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While performing any exercises, you should not have any pain. If at any time you experience pain, STOP IMMEDIATELY!

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Forward Head Carriage

Forward head carriage is a common finding in people who have desk jobs, sit for sustained periods of time, or spend a lot of time on their phone. Consequently, the muscles in the front of the neck will tighten up and muscles at the back of the neck and shoulders will compress on nerves causing pain and headaches. Through a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises, we correct these imbalances. This will restore the natural curvature of your neck. Rounded shoulders accompany forward head carriage. Because of this, we work to being the shoulders back to proper alignment.

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Thoracic Kyphosis

Slumping forward to increase the curvature in between the shoulder blades results in increased kyphosis. As a result, this creates the dreaded buffalo hump that is common in older women. With proper strengthening exercises between the shoulder blades, you can prevent excessive kyphosis

Sway-Back Exercises

Sway back is the term used to describe increased curvature in the low back. Increased curvature compresses the vertebral joints and nerves. Strengthening exercises of the erector muscles and stretching of the hamstrings will alleviate pressure from the joints and the nerve roots, providing relief. Naturally, pregnant women classically display sway-back.

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior pelvic tilt results when you have tight back extensors, tight frontal hip flexors, weak glutes, and weak abdominals. Therefore, strengthening and stretching are usually sufficient to aid is correcting pelvic tilt. 

Sciatica Exercises

Pinching of the sciatic nerve can result in pain that travels to the knee or foot. It can also be accompanied by weakness, numbness, or tingling and can be extremely painful. Therefore, stretching of the muscles that cover the sciatic nerve will release pressure. Exercises focus on relieving pressure from the nerve. Therefore, relief is obtained by stretching.

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Our doctors will get you back to feeling better and functioning. However, in the end, maintaining your body’s health will be up to you. Numerous gyms are present here in the River Valley. As a result, each gym has its own particular niche. Whether you are looking for crossfit, general health, or want to get into bodybuilding, there is a gym for you.

River Valley Fitness & Training

Planet Fitness

Mercy Fitness Center

Listed are just 3 of the gyms that are in close proximity to our beautiful clinic. Therefore, visit their web page and call to inquire about visiting.

Exercises with chiropractic care and massage will greatly increase healing rate. Read about the adjustments or our massage therapy. Then contact us today!